Enquiry Management

Track course enquiries as hot/warm/cold, with follow-up details. Analyze conversions, counselor performance, source etc. It helps to making, handling, tracking and managing enquiries more efficiently.

Source of enquiry

Schedule Followup

Followup with reason/note

Pending followups

Enquiry Management Software

Syllabus Management

Manage all your subjects (course) and its topics easily. Syllabus module allows change in course content student wise.

Subjects/topic of course

Contents of topics

Track student's course contents

Syllabus Management Software

Branch Management

If you have one or more sub centers or branch you can view to track daily activities and progress of your center. You get to view and download the Enquiry reports, Student details, Admissions and Fees collection reports of your center.

Branch admin and operators

Branch Management Software

Admission Management

Student Admission Management allows you to manage the admissions of all the students easily along with student’s basic details, family information.

Convert enquiry to admission

Admission to multiple course

Cancel admission

Discontinue admission

Admission Management Software

Fees Management

We have made the fee collection extremely easy for you by provision of selecting fee heads & printing receipt at one place.

Print receipts and track Fees, Discounts, Installments, Receipts, Outstanding amount, overdue amount. Send installment alerts and overdue reminders by SMS.

Keep track of all the fees collected, fees dues and previous carry forward of any student in single click.

Finalize course fees with discount

Generate installments

Track the payments

Installment reminders for students

Track due payments

Fees Management Software


Keep track of all receipts, expenses and cash

Income and expenses report

Graphical view of reports

Export reports to excel

Accounting Software

Student Information

This module is equipped to deliver a quick and easy way to search, manage and access the current & historic record of students.

Complete student records with Photograph, Contact information of student and Course, Branch, Batch, Marks scored etc

Enquiry Detail

Follow-up details

Analyze conversions

Student Information Software

Admission Report

Admission Report Software

Income & Expenses Report

Income & Expenses Report